A glass art studio in Pittsburgh, PA


FiG Studios and Michael Mangiafico have developed a stunning line of jewelry and components. Inspired from the natural world, FiG has come up with various lines and styles, where each piece is unique. FiG Studios specializes in the creation of fine torchwork beads and jewelry. Each piece is inspired from the natural world and is unique. Take a look at The Fall Collection 2021 

The Genesis of FiG Earrings

In my attempt to learn how to fashion insects from glass, I employed the techniques I use in making glass beads. I created a multitude of wings for these insects, from which I could pick a matching set. A student suggested that I put loops on the remaining unused wings, and my most popular items, earrings, were born. Later, I found from the practice of making matched earrings, that I could modify each wing to effectively find the symmetry. I find it ironic that producing beads informed my sculpted models, which in turn divined my wing styled earrings, which then led back to helping me with the efficacy of my sculpting of the glass insects!




Insects are amazing creatures that help to keep the delicate balance of nature in our world. FiG has spent many years developing techniques for building these delicate beings out of glass. Intricacy and attention to detail is of the utmost importance in creating these small sculptures. Dragonflies, Bees, Spiders and Ants are FiG’s specialty.



A series of studies made through the medium of glass. 



“The Honey Pot Tea Set” collaboration with Ed Pinto

Photo by Nathan J. Shaulis